green-fireworks1In the Taoist philosophy of 5 phases of transformation, the Wood energy corresponds to spring — upward moving chi, impetus, development, the force of growth that has its own agenda. Integrating this understanding of  the natural state of things during this season with the particulars of western astrological “weather” can be enlightening.  This week (April 15th to be exact), Mars conjuncts Uranus in Pisces after having  opposed Saturn on the day that Pluto went retrograde in Capricorn.

In plain English,  the action principle is teaming up with the principle of radical unexpected change after a period of frustration. It’s clear that there’s alot of frustration and potential for explosive anger in the world at the moment and the energetic environment seems more palpably charged than usual.  As much as you need relaxation and escape from the tension of just being alive right now, stay away  from drugs, alcohol, and depressing media stories.  Meditate, swim if you can, practice Qigong, Tai Chi, or yoga.   If you know the 6 Healing Sounds, they can be your best friend during this time.

Mars needs alot of activity and when he’s been stymied and suddenly becomes free,  energy can start busting out all over the place.  When Mars hooks up with Uranus in Pisces, it’s easy to become hyperactive, tense, and high strung as you surf the Neptunian waters of your unconscious.  Erratic behavior and bizarre or quirky reactions can can make you think that  you’ve suddenly lost it (whatever “it” is).  If it’s possible, bring some awareness to whatever you’ve been suppressing so that you can avoid an explosion.  For some of us,  this  is easy.  For others, we don’t even know why we’ve been acting strangely and may need the “shock treatment” that this aspect brings in order to make necessary changes.

Stay grounded by slowing down, eating well, and exercising in moderation and with care. Be careful with sharp objects (knives, needles, etc.), fire, and electricity. If you’re not using your Mars energy well, it could be using you.  “Mars Attacks” can manifest as accidents while moving, car crashes, inflammation, fever, palpitations, or weird undiagnosable infections.

Anyone born from the 12th to the 17th of March, June, September, or December or who has planets or angles from 22-26 degrees in mutable signs will be most affected.

©Photograph by Sharon Smith
All rights reserved