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SHARON SMITH has been practicing Qigong, Tai Chi, & other Taoist spiritual and healing arts for 36 years & teaching them for 31. Her influential teachers include Masters Mantak Chia (she was in his original class of western students in 1981), Li Jun Feng, Ming Chan, and T.K. Shih. She also studied with Jeanette Chi, Gilles Marin, Don Ahn, as well as many other Tao masters. Sharon is certified by Master Mantak Chia’s Universal Tao system as a Senior Instructor and Chi Nei Tsang Practitioner. She is also certified by the International Sheng Zhen Society to teach Sheng Zhen Wuji Yuan Gong, the work of Master Li Jun Feng. In addition, Sharon has practiced Iyengar yoga for over 25 years. She has traveled many times to China, Thailand, India, the Philippines, and New Zealand to further her studies.

Sharon currently teaches seminars internationally as well as regularly at the New York Open Center. Venues include Master Mantak Chia’s Tao Garden in Thailand, Omega Institute, Healing Tao University, The Learning Annex, Wainwright House, United Nations Feng Shui Club, Madison Avenue Presbyterian Church, Morningside Retirement Health Services, Dorot Senior Center, Jubilee Senior Center, Healing Tao of New York, La Guardia Community College, Queens College, New York University, Adult Education Division of the New York City Board of Education, & the New York State Department of Parks & Recreation.

Sharon 2016Sharon is the Director of The Immortal Sisters Conference, a first of its kind historic conference of women practitioners of Taoism. www.immortalsistersconference.com.
where she also presented her work – “Queen Concerns – Bone & Brain Health”. She also presented her work at the 2009 International Tai Chi Symposium in Nashville, Tennessee as well as the 2010 Tao Congress at Tao Garden in Thailand, and is a recipient of numerous foundation grants for her work with senior citizens and in community mental health programs.  She was a spokesperson for Qigong on the nationally syndicated PBS television show, “Asian America” .

Sharon has been a professional astrologer since 1982 and was the Chinese Astrology columnist for the Asian Food and Lifestyle Journal from 2005-2007. Her documentary film about her experiences with Indian astrologers, “Saturn Saved Me” premiered in 2015. www.saturnsavedme.com

Her photographs are in the collections of the Carpenter Center for Visual Arts, Harvard University, Cambridge, Massachusetts; Hofstra University Library, Special Collections Department, Hempstead, NY; Houston Museum of Fine Arts, Houston, Texas; The Polaroid Corporation, Cambridge, Mass.; Polaroid Europa, Offenbach, Germany; Polaroid Far East, LTD, Hong Kong. www.imagesbysharonsmith.com


7 thoughts on “About SHARON

  1. hi there sharon,
    my name is nikki and i own a yoga studio in lund,sweden.
    i stumble upon your beautiful picture of a young girl with a bread in your post https://taosharon.wordpress.com/2010/10/28/november-2010-pluto-conjunct-the-north-node-in-capricorn%EF%BB%BF/
    i am doing a 60day yoga challenge & feed the hunger project called practice 60 days give 60 meals.
    i am wondering if i could use the picture.
    here my website http://www.karmicmonkis.se
    thank you,

    • Hi Susan,
      Thanks for getting in touch. I am in Thailand for the month of February but will be teaching again beginning 3/4. Here is the schedule:
      You can click on any link for info. Let me know if you have any questions.

  2. Sharon: Can i get an instructors certification at the completion of the the Jun 15-20 2013? Can I get CEUs for massage therapy and occupational therapy?
    Which of the symposium’s courses do you recommend
    Edward Friedlander e_mail:edotr2011@hotmail.com

    • Thanks for your message. I am leery of sending email to hotmail addresses as they often end up in spam unless the recipient puts my address in their address book. So please reply to me at taosharon@earthlink.net so in the future we can communicate in a less public forum.

      In order to become an instructor of the UHT, you will need to complete several requirements including 70 hours of instruction from Mantak Chia or a certified instructor within a period of no less than a year, attend a Teacher Training (which this year’s seminar is not), and be tested on your knowledge. All information about certification can be found here, http://www.universaltaonyc.com/certifications/.

      CEUs are awarded by NCCAOM for practitioners of Oriental Medicine. In the past, people w/ massage therapy licenses have contacted their licensing boards to see if they accept PDAs from NCCAOM. You will have to do that in order to find out if these courses qualify.

      I, of course, recommend all of these programs. However, if you are new to this work, it is essential that you take the Tao Basics weekend at the very least in order to receive a firm foundation in the practice. Especially if you are interested in becoming an instructor at any time in the future.

      Please let me know if you have any questions.
      Sharon Smith

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