Astrological Consultations

Sharon Smith has been practicing astrology in New York City since 1982. Her knowledge of Western, Indian, and Chinese astrology provide the framework for understanding the unique being that is YOU!

“Astrology is an important tool for self-understanding and the personal transformation that is necessary for life on earth to maintain itself and evolve. It’s beauty lies in the illumination of the meaning in our lives.  It is one of the best sets of symbols we have for understanding ourselves, our relationship to each other as well as to the larger world of mysterious, invisible processes.”

Sharon is a visual artist whose works are in the collections of major museums in the U.S. and abroad and a senior instructor of the Universal Tao. She brings a unique blend of disciplines to her astrological work.  Sharon’s clients include successful artists, business people and healers.  The fee for a 90-minute consultation is $175 and covers the natal chart and current growth cycles. Accurate birth data provides a more precise and transformational reading.  Sharon works with electional astrology as well and can recommend auspicious dates for marriage, business incorporation, or other milestones.

Consultations can be in person at Sharon’s apartment in New York City’s West Village, on the phone, or via Skype. E-mail me at for further information.

saturnsavedme_logo_indigogo640Sharon’s film, “Saturn Saved Me”, her humorous, poignant documentary about her experiences with Indian astrology can be viewed online here.

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