Saturn Saved Me – A Search for Divine Answers on the Bumpy Road to Wisdom

saturnsavedme_logo_indigogo640Have you ever made a spiritual pilgrimage?   Traveled to India?

Consulted an astrologer or other form of fortuneteller?

Well I did them all, and documented my experience as I glimpsed an amazing vision of how my life would unfold.

There are many ways to read your destiny and mine was extracted from palm leaves (one thousand years old!) as well as ancient interpretations of the stars. It’s challenging to hear how you will live and die, and still stay on a path of courage, hope,  and choice.

Watch it here!




4 thoughts on “Saturn Saved Me – A Search for Divine Answers on the Bumpy Road to Wisdom

  1. Saturn Saved Me… Well, it shall…
    The Golden Phoenix will rise
    And Return…
    The Golden light
    Will vent the spleen.
    And when it rises again…
    You’ll wear the crown of a Queen.
    All will see it on the silver screen.

    How tempting to look as an
    Astrologer can…
    And hear the voices
    That can play on the plan
    Put forth in the Heavens
    That Pujas can purify…
    And only your intentions
    Can look after day by day.

    Hours and hours of self attention;
    Enough to make a documentary.
    And enough money will pour in
    So your will shall be done.
    To Crack open the Sky
    And let your spirit fly
    On the rings of that planet.
    May you fly. Fly high.

  2. Hi Sharon, I came across this link on Kickstarter and thoroughly enjoyed the trailer. Is the full documentary ready now. Where can I view it?

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