Not Yet Crossing – Uranus & Jupiter at the end of Pisces

Hexagram 64 – Not Yet Crossing, Before Completion, Fire over Water

Make an offering and you will succeed.

The Small Fox on the muddy bank.

If she soaks her tail,   There is no advantageous direction.

For the next few weeks, Uranus and Jupiter will move through the last degrees of Pisces before hitting 0° Aries on May 28 and June 7, respectively.  Dancing first to the beat of a slow dirge,  after June 7,  the music becomes way more exuberant. Will it be an avant garde modern dance? An acrobatic Brazilian capoiera? A sexy samba?.  It’s hard to predict exactly what.  Just know that the music will have an intense beat and the dance will be hot, fast,  crazy, and ultimately liberating.  This crossing into Aries will catapult us into a new reality. But we’re not there yet.

Uranus has been hanging out in Pisces for the past 7 years, it’s usual time in any sign.  It’s a planet of dynamic change, liberation, brilliance, the avant garde, and the flash of lightning that changes consciousness and everything else in one fateful moment. As a mountain man in Virginia once told me as he was discussing a favorite pig he had raised, “Lightning struck him.  Never did do right after that”.

An unpredictable and exciting planet, it’s all about doing your thing and having the experience of being accepted for your unique individuality. The downside is that it can also be incredibly exhausting. When we’re under the influence of Uranus,  we’re plugged into a wall socket with the voltage meter at the highest setting.  Sleep is difficult and we’re edgy as we attempt to channel so much electrical energy without blowing out our fuses. The kind of excitement is sort of fun, but it’s not really comfortable. Aquarians are familiar with this as are others who have Uranus prominent.

Pisces is THE END, the 12th sign. Old souls, Pisces types have been around the block (or galaxy as it were).  Most of the “normal” things that excite other people don’t do a thing for these folks.  For those born in the sign of  Pisces and those who have planets prominent in the sign , the material world is nothing by “maya” – illusion in the biggest sense. This is not the way most of us look at reality.   Ruled by Neptune, Pisces is all about dissolution and transcendence, the feeling of being part of the ocean — not just one particular wave but the feeling of the whole shebang. Not just the Pacific or the Atlantic, but all the water on the planet. Not just this planet but all the planets, and on out into the universe. They’re process-oriented. Interested in riding the wave, flowing or drifting down the river, sailing on the sea.  They’re always looking for that indescribable, ineffable,  transient something, something like……They can’t tell you exactly what.

On the best days, these yearnings are most easily satisfied by artistic, healing, and spiritual experiences. But if those aren’t available or possible, a stiff drink, a mind-dulling video game, some bad TV,  or any other drug of choice will do. Anything to leave this mundane world behind and get a glimpse of a rosier, more beautiful universe.  Escapism, denial, blind belief, addiction.  They’re all part of the trip. As are fear and worry.  The other side of the coin is faith and the courage to act on one’s spiritual understanding.

So right now, there’s a meeting going on. A negotiation of sorts.  Uranus in Pisces at the end of “The End”,  lobbying for liberation; Saturn, the Building Inspector, in Virgo trying to bring some discipline and a work ethic into what appears to be a complete disintegration into chaos; and then there’s our friend, Jupiter,  the Great Benefic.  Whatever the big planet touches, expands.  It’s easy to find yourself alternating between work and escape. Discipline and disorganization.  Trying to live a healthy lifestyle and being pulled into your bad habits.  Trying to get control of a million small details and throwing up your hands to surrender to whatever power is orchestrating your life’s journey.

So, what is the bigger meaning here?

In the past 5 months, these aspects have coincided with 3 earthquakes, the biggest oil spill in history, a volcanic eruption that disrupted travel and commerce all over the planet, tornadoes, and floods among other events of the natural world that have brought our attention to the obvious conclusion  —  we are all floating together on our precious blue planet in the ocean of space.  All passengers on the same bus.

If you were born on the last day of the mutable signs or the beginning of the cardinals (March 20 – 25, June 20-25, September 20-25, December 20-25) or have a late mutable degrees or early cardinal degrees rising or planets in those degrees, take a look.

Or take a look anyway….


October 2009 – The Astrological Weather or Why It’s Easy to Be Upset These Days


It feels like a strange time.  Besides the usual 21st century concerns about global warming, the economy, and tribal warfare, now we have to worry about this:

On June 18, 2009, several days after the Jupiter retrograde station in Aquarius (June 15), NASA launched LCROSS from Cape Canaveral, a so-called scientific mission that will target a “centaur rocket” at the moon. On October 9 at approximately 7:30 AM EDT, this spacecraft will create an explosion on the moon’s south pole that will leave a crater displacing several miles of lunar material. According to NASA, the rocket will hit the moon at twice the speed of a bullet, transforming two tons of mass and 10 billion joules of kinetic energy into a blinding flash of heat and light. The impact is expected to throw up a plume of debris as high as 10 km visible from earth.

As expected from an entertainment-oriented culture, the impact will be televised on NASA Live TV and broadcast at official events all over the U.S.

NASA subscribes to the view that the Moon is a dry, lifeless rock in space and the ostensible reason for this mission is to find out if there is water on the moon.  But the truth is that this is unnecessary.  India has already announced that there is moisture on the moon.

On October 9 (the projected day of impact), Mars will conjunct the south node of the Moon in the sign of Cancer. very close to the  degree of the solar eclipse in July (see earlier blog entry, Eclipse Mania).  The Moon rules the sign of Cancer, and Mars is the planet of the action principle. On a bad day, Mars moves from healthy self-assertion to in-your-face aggression.   Mars is uncomfortable in this moody, emotional sign since its desire nature is predicated on whether or not someone feels like taking action and Mars (the warrior principle at home in Aries) usually just wants to get on with it and see some results.

Conjuncting the south node of the Moon is doubly difficult since the south node is a place where we are addicted to an old behavior pattern, something that we run to without awareness or consciousness. The sign of Cancer is about the female (yin) principles of receptivity, security, nurturing, hunger, relationship with the mother, creativity, fertility, and children.

Think about the symbolism of this blast at the Moon.  It’s not only an attack on our closest neighbor in space, but a dramatic revelation about unconscious aggression against the female principle, an old behavior pattern that is being acted out without awareness.

I am not an investigative journalist so I can’t speculate as to what this is really about.  (here’s an interesting viewpoint…. However,  like any Taoist (or Trekkie for that matter), I trust my gut feeling and right now, it’s screaming at me that this is a  hostile act — a violation of  the International Space Treaty as well as  Star Trek’s prime directive.

From June 15 – October 13, Jupiter in Aquarius has been retrograde roughly coinciding with the flight of this mission and its eventual impact.  Maybe humanity has been asleep during this period while the spacecraft is heading to its destination.  Hopefully, we will wake up before it’s too late.

For what it’s worth, some people think contacting President Obama will make a difference.

I don’t know.  Personally, I’m hoping for a renegade NASA employee, mechanical failure or interference by celestial beings whose major concern is maintaining the integrity of this beautiful universe.