November 2010- Pluto Conjunct the North Node in Capricorn

Are  you a hungry child ?                         Or a wise elder?

©Photographs by Sharon Smith
All rights reserved

The name of the game right now is Capricorn. Wherever Capricorn is located in the birth chart is the place where it is essential to grow up and face the music.  Because this month during Scorpio time, everything that happens takes place against the backdrop of Pluto’s (Scorpio’s ruler) conjunction with the Moon’s North Node there.  This is an evolutionary direction that EVERYONE is experiencing and with Pluto conjunct this point on November 9, we can’t ignore the pressure to metaphysically grow up and let go of obsessive hunger about satisfying our primal needs for security. This is true for individuals as well as for society.

Right now, infantile behavior is tempting but passé. Wanting to be taken care of, hiding under the covers, sleeping in, being emotionally overwhelmed, or wallowing in regret, self-pity, and nostalgia for the past is not the way out of a dilemma.  Neither is a quart of ice cream or a plate of mashed potatoes or anything else creamy and fattening.  I know it’s tempting but this is not the current direction of the evolutionary process.

Pluto’s strong activation of the Capricorn/Cancer nodal axis focuses on the tools of the elite and powerful.  It brings the force of transformation to the global financial system, the government, and the corporate-controlled media. You can’t expect to be taken care of in this environment where the rich and powerful are busy consolidating their positions in their ruthless, one-sided vision of the New World Order. Nor is it the optimum time to use your television or computer as your personal babysitting device.  There’s too much at risk.

To protect the environment and the food supply, we have to get off the couch and become activists to insure our beautiful planet’s survival. This will be clearer when Jupiter and Uranus move into Aries in early 2011.

On a personal level, it’s more important than ever to cultivate and move from your center.  Get in touch with your skeletal structure. Connect with your core. Let some kind of spiritual practice support you.  Manage your life.  Get practical about your life’s mission and follow your goals with laser-like concentration .

What’s stopping you from taking the first steps to climb your personal mountain? Confronting fear and transforming it can regenerate your energy and contribute to the healing of the planet and its current disorder.  Capricorn understands that obstacles might arise.  Meet them with the virtues of patience, endurance, intention, methodology, management, and strategy that Capricorn is best known for.

Cardinal Signs and Ascendants (Aries, Cancer, Libra, and Capricorn) will be most strongly affected but everyone will experience this to some degree.  Reread the advice given below concerning last year’s Capricorn solar eclipse and see how it applies to you now.  If you know your rising sign, read it also…

Aries – You’re the only one that can get serious about your career, your family, notwithstanding. If not now, when? Taurus – What’s it all about? Do some traveling either literally or in your armchair and get a bigger perspective. Or if you’ve always wanted to get that Masters degree, what’s stopping you? Gemini – It’s about the cosmic glue. Whether it’s sex, drugs, or the proverbial rock and roll, what is it that bonds you with others? And perhaps more important, how can you experience more of it? Cancer – As difficult as others can be, it’s becoming clear to you that you can’t do it alone. You need that irritation that allows an oyster to create a pearl. Others provide a mirror as well as that special ingredient that makes alchemy happen; Leo – Keep a good mental attitude while continuing to roll that rock up the hill at work. Neglecting your health is not an option; Virgo – Your children need to know that you’re the one who’s the parent. And if you have a screenplay or (something else) gathering dust in the closet, pull it out and get to work; Libra – Literally or figuratively, it’s time to build a new home.  Because it’s all about your family and your base of operation, not climbing the career ladder; Scorpio – Your siblings, relatives, neighbors and cousins need to hear from you.  In fact, everyone needs to hear from you these days.  Write, speak, broadcast.  It’s all about communication; Sagittarius – Take a cold, hard look at your bank account. Learn about money by making more of it and spending it on things you value while saving some for a rainy day; Capricorn – You are not the Biggest Loser, but you can be the Biggest Winner if you keep up your discipline. This is the time of your life. Don’t sleep through it; Aquarius –Try to forget about work at least for 15 minutes a day by spending time by yourself for a change without the company of your computer or television. Meditate and contemplate your divine place in this amazing world; Pisces –Take care of your friendships first. You achieve more fulfillment by making a firmer commitment to your dreams and goals by connecting with others around a common purpose.


November’s Important Dates (EST) :

11/6 – New Moon in Scorpio

11/7 –   Neptune Direct 25 Aquarius; Venus backs up into Libra

11/9 –   Pluto conjunct Moon’s North Node in Capricorn (3°) kicked off by the Moon herself!

11/15 – Jupiter trine Sun (23)

11/ 18 – Neptune square Sun (25); Jupiter Direct in Pisces; Venus Direct at 27 Libra

11/19 –  Uranus trine Sun (26)

11/20 –  Mercury/Mars conjunction 16 Sagittarius