December’s 2009 – The Astrological Weather

It’s windy and cold here on the East Coast of the U.S. and the astrological weather will prove to be the same no matter where you live.

Changing winds bring energetic reversals as three planets stop and shift direction – Mars goes retrograde in Leo on 12/20, Uranus went direct in Pisces in early December (strongly affecting Aquarians; those born in late Pisces, Virgo, Sagittarius, and Gemini; as well as anyone with strong Uranus), and that old trickster, Mercury retrogrades in Capricorn on the North Node of the Moon on the 27th.

The Mars retrograde period means the warrior planet is in Leo from October 17, 2009 to June 7, 2010 — almost 8 months!  Seven of those months either in retrograde or in the shadow of the retrograde. Mars, a normally externally oriented planet, goes internal. The glorious lion with the beautiful roar has a bad case of bronchitis until mid-March and doesn’t experience a full recovery until early June.

Such a difficult task for Mars in Leo who desperately wants to be the one who comes in to save the day! You’ll find that pushing ahead creates opposition and frustration but on the other hand, internalizing your aggression might be worse — harming your health or sabotaging your relationships or work life. It’s a tough place to be in. If you have planets in Leo, be aware of these tendencies and find ways to channel the aggressive energy. Being sneaky or indirect will not do the trick! Martial arts, boxing, and vigorous exercise can all help channel your energy. And if you are considering any kind of surgery, see if you can postpone it until after Mars turns direct (at least after March 12, 2010) or better yet, the end of the retrograde shadow (June 7, 2010).  Watch the world stage to see how this plays out in Afghanistan and other hot spots.

While Jupiter rules the first part of the month, bringing festivities, celebrations, and a devil-may-care attitude, first fast-moving Mercury, then the Sun and Venus activate Pluto in Capricorn and Saturn in Libra, bringing our attention to the inevitable – the reality principle.  Which is what these days?   There’s not much we can count on right now.  The ground is shifting beneath our feet as we all struggle to find our way in what seems to be a new, but indefinable paradigm.

The period between Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve brings this home, with the culmination at a partial lunar eclipse on New Year’s Eve. It’s a chilly time. Economic conditions and pressures in personal relationships will be felt more intensely by all, but especially those born from the 20th to the end of December, March, June, and September and those with planets in early cardinal signs — particularly those with Saturn in Libra, Capricorn, Aries, or Cancer as well as the generation born with Pluto in early Libra (late 1971 – 1974).  See the November weather below for more details on this.

In a recent consultation with the I Ching about my personal financial life, I found the reading I received relevant to the current planetary situation.  Hexagram #47, known as Oppression or Exhaustion (Lake over Water) changing to Hexagram #1 (Heaven over Heaven) – The Creative or Initiating.  A very fortunate reading actually, but not at first glance.   The picture is of difficulty and hardship, a situation where one is tired and exhausted. It is difficult to move forward or to go back. All the yin lines describe the gloom of exhaustion and its antidote – the gaining of enlightenment.  The only choice is to return home to one’s true nature by sincere self-examination.  All the lake’s water has drained leaving it bone dry.

Hexagram #1

Fortunately, all these yin lines change to yang and if one truly is sincere in self-inquiry,  the bankrupt situation by necessity, transforms itself into the creativity necessary to handle current conditions. Heaven is over Heaven.  Often translated as “The Creative”, the first hexagram of the I Ching expresses  perfect yang energy — pure, healthy, firm. The Chinese ideogram is of the rising sun radiating and nourishing chi to the entire world. An expression of health and vitality. Whew! What a relief….

On the 16th, the challenging square of Uranus to the New Moon in Sagittarius is fortunately mitigated by a benefic relationship to the triple conjunction of Jupiter (optimistic expansion), Chiron (healing), and Neptune (spirituality) in Aquarius (friends and community) that’s been blessing us off and on since last May.  This is the hope, healing, and sense of belonging that we all crave at this season when the movement of the sun descends to its nadir in the northern hemisphere and peaks in the southern half of the globe.

Taoists believe that the days before, during, and after every solstice and equinox are portals through which one can walk through the gates of heaven.  They are like the earth’s sunrise, noon, sunset, and midnight — important moments in the movement of chi through its perpetual dance of yin and yang.  Take some time to meditate and contemplate your place in this amazing universe, feeling gratitude for all there is.

Wishing you, your loved ones, and your community,  all the best in this holiday season.


November 2009 – The Astrological Weather



On October 29, 2009, Saturn moved into Libra ending 2 and half years in Virgo, the sign of work and health.   It will remain there through October 5, 2012 with the exception of a short retrograde into Virgo from April 7, 2010 through July 21, 2010. It’s a whole new ballgame for everyone with relationships moving front and center.   This is a potentially difficult transit since Saturn is also squaring Pluto in Capricorn on November 15, 2009 and on July 26, 2010 will oppose Uranus in Aries.   Whether you are firmly committed or looking for a companion, this transit will test your ability to relate to other human beings like nothing else can.

Saturn, the ruler of Capricorn is exalted in Libra.  That means that Saturn acts like the honored guest at the dinner party.  Very concerned with responsibilities and commitments, Saturn in Libra wants to be a peacemaker, a unifier, a reconciler but he’s always up for a fair fight if justice is a question.

I think of Saturn as the building inspector.  As he transits through the zodiac and around my natal chart, he has the annoying but necessary task of finding out exactly what I have been neglecting and reminding me that it’s time to take care of it.

Compound this with Pluto’s square from Capricorn, and we’re all dealing with major dilemmas and issues regarding our relationships.  Libra is an air sign and operates from an idealistic place.  Pluto in Capricorn is concerned with a major transformation of the social order. Imbalances in judgment trouble Saturn and lack of control sparks Pluto’s motivation to maintain power.

Saturn says, ” Sharon, you have a hole in the roof here and the rain has been coming in for God knows how long.  What are you going to do about it?” I groan, I want to bury myself under the covers, but can’t because I’ll get drenched if I don’t start working on it right now.  Yesterday would have been even better but whatever…the task always seems endless and the results are never immediate.

Pluto in Capricorn can be like a steamroller. It’s all about the evolution of the social order come hell or high water and some people seem to have experienced both.  Capricorn has to do with who’s in power, the mastery of the material plane, as well as our material resources.  We feel Pluto’s workings on our current economic situation, necessitating a major change in values in order to make our world sustainable on the most basic level.

Like an army of termites eating away at the foundation of whatever house it’s transiting, we live with our problems until Pluto creates a crisis.  All of a sudden, we feel the floor crumbling beneath us.  How did that happen? You pick up the pieces and like Humpty Dumpty, hope that you can put it back together again.  Or even better, you make a major move.  The universe has done for you what you were unable to do for yourself.

So wherever Saturn is transiting in your horoscope right now, the roof is leaking and wherever Pluto is, it feels like you’ve fallen into a hole. Sounds like fun, huh?

Coming to all cardinal sign natives born the 21 – 28 of March, June, September, or December, but the truth is, all of us are affected. Look at your sun sign and ascendant if you know it.

Aries – Your partner’s needs conflict with your career goals; Taurus – Daily work life and health get in the way of your desire to expand into the bigger world; Gemini – Is it possible to have both love and sex in the same experience? Cancer – Wanting (or having!) a live-in partner and domestic life and maintaining the peace without giving up your integrity; Leo – Keeping a good mental attitude while dealing with pressure at work; Virgo – Having enough money to pursue your creative goals; Libra – Taking yourself seriously while struggling with your emotions and the family dynamic; Scorpio – Letting go of guilt over past actions while clarifying your communication with siblings (and other relatives) and neighbors; Sagittarius – Formulating a new goal for your future while pursuing money right now; Capricorn – What else? It’s all about your career;   Aquarius – Contemplating the right thing to do without sabotaging yourself ; Pisces – Wondering…is it a sexual relationship I need or a good friendship?