The Year of the OX

ox-small-sign PREDICTIONS FOR 2009

“It is better to take many small steps in the right direction than to make a great leap forward only to stumble backward.”

Take note!  The Ox year is now upon us and it is to your advantage to accept that yoke around your neck instead of trying to escape it.

2009 is an Earth Ox Year.  Earth sitting on top of Earth behaves like two siblings – sometimes they are friends, at other times, competitors. The earth energy above is Yin Earth, symbolizing a garden that exudes a sense of harmony, peace and relaxation.  Underneath is the Ox — the work animal whose main pleasure is a dinner of grass after a hard day’s work.  Stay connected to the earth —  grow a garden, eat more vegetables. Simplify your life and your pleasures.

Ox years serve to move us toward slow, steady progress.  No flamboyance here.  The Ox strives hard, challenging and pushing us to get our work done.  In extreme cases, he can go over the edge into despotic behavior but this is unlikely in a yin year like 2009.  Let your splashy dreams rest.  Instead,  recuperate, re-organize, and set your plans in motion with caution and care.  It’s an Earth/Earth year and that means work, work, and more work.  This is great news for those who enjoy it but less than ideal for couch potatoes out there looking for a free ride.

Whatever difficulties years of profligate behavior have created, it’s time to rebuild. Push that stubborn heavy rock slowly and painstakingly up the mountain without complaints. Economize, save, connect with whatever will give you a sense of security.  Meditate, exercise, simplify your life, care for your elders and your children.  Cultivate modesty.  Discipline is the name of this game.

This is a year for healing the earth plane — rebuilding, reconstructing, seeking peace, making some progress in caring for our planet. 1949 was the last Earth Ox Year when the world order settled down.  It saw the creation of NATO and the birth of the Peoples Republic of China. Countries were rebuilding and healing from the devastation of WWII and there were no major conflicts.  The conflicts that did occur signaled the beginning of the Cold War.

Emotionally, people will be very concerned about mother and security issues with so much Earth energy.  This kind of energy relates to the spleen/stomach/pancreas and any sense of insecurity will translate somatically as muscle difficulties, digestion issues, diabetes, and weight problems (both over- and under-).  Embodiment and support in body, mind, and spirit will be major preoccupations. The health of Mother Earth will continue to be worrisome with more concern about climate change and the melting of the polar ice caps.  Earthquakes and other misfortunes related to the earth element could occur – collapse of buildings, landslides, mudslides, etc.

Success happens this year only through a very calm and thoroughly pragmatic approach. There is no fire supporting the earth in 2009 (fire burns to create earth) so gambling and speculation will not be profitable.  Only those who work at tangible results will succeed.  Earth is the ground beneath us.  It’s hard to move and difficult to make a change so don’t expect any radical turnarounds.

Although this seems like a serious time, friends and family will provide the safety valves necessary to release whatever stress accumulates from all work and no play.  Save your wild new concepts for next year’s Tiger.  As much as you would like to loll around and do nothing, don’t resist the energy of the time.  Instead, keep your nose to the grindstone, refrain from rebelling, follow the rules, cooperate with the authorities and prepare for an abundant harvest!