Predictions for 2015 – Year of the Yin Wood Sheep/Ram

The first day of the Yin Wood Sheep year is February 3, 2015. But Chinese New Year is actually celebrated on the New Moon – February 19, 2015.

Sheep, County Kerry, Ireland, 1996

Sheep, County Meath, Ireland, 1996 ©Sharon Smith

Last year’s raucous Yang Wood Horse has given way to a more peaceful Yin Wood Sheep. This is not the sturdy, stubborn tree trunk we encountered in 2014. It’s more like bamboo or the branches of a willow tree – able to relax, compromise, and move in the wind. Yin Wood is connected to flowers, grass, leafy plants and vegetables, sprouts, low bushes and scrub that need sunshine, nutritious earth and water to grow. It represents a compromising attitude, making it easier to reach solutions and find agreement between conflicting interests.

Sheep are herbivores and eat grass. Their strong herd instinct can be overridden if they have intense curiosity about greener pastures and are brave enough to wander off. They tend to have mild demeanors and are quite friendly. Like their human vegan counterparts, they profess to like community, are focused on the common good, and will fight for it if they are called to do so.

Don’t be fooled by Sheep’s ability to tolerate difficult conditions and a paucity of food. Sheep are tough.. Their docility is deceptive and they have very strong survival instincts. You’re under illusions if you think you can cross a sheep! Play your game? Not an option. You can count on them to go their own way when push comes to shove. Take the lead of the gentle but strong Sheep this year and move away from power struggles, cultivate inner peace, and develop your spirituality and creativity.

Year of the Ram

©Sharon Smith Aswan, Egypt 2014

Yin Wood is the Seed, the source of creativity and inspiration. But dehydrating Fire is present this year, and there’s no Water to nourish the plants. Our kidneys could be weakened, affecting our immune systems. Protect your bones with supplements, exercise, and qigong bone breathing and tapping. This dryness, interestingly, is reflected in a connection to the desert in Sheep years. The last 2 Gulf wars in the deserts of the Middle East began in 1991 and 2003, both Sheep years. It is not surprising that we are seeing more potential world problems as ISIL stakes its claim in the Middle East.

Wood represents Liver Chi in Chinese medicine and relates not only to the liver but also the gall bladder, eyes, tendons and ligaments, joints, and nerves. Particularly connected with the neck, spinal cord, and the back, Yin Wood can cause injury to susceptible Sheep. Anger, frustration, and resentment are the negative emotions associated with this organ complex and the virtues of kindness, generosity, and forgiveness are present when Wood is balanced.

Chinese medicine often refers to the Liver as the “General” because its main function is to direct the inner body processes and coordinate them into a functioning whole. In the Taoist meditation tradition, the Liver is referred to as the “second in command” after the Heart. Nourish your Wood energy by taking care of your kidneys (Water element). Drink lots of water and healthy green juices, watch your diet, eliminate fatty foods, eat more greens, and cleanse your liver with daily doses of citrus, particularly lemon juice.

Sheep Year’s Yin Wood combines with Earth. According to the creation and controlling cycle governing the relationships between elements, Wood controls Earth. Even though this is a fighting relationship often creating open conflict, don’t forget that the peace-loving Sheep is in control. It’s likely that disagreements may be more easily resolved with compromise and concessions. Aligning yourself with Yin Wood energy means taking on the qualities of a flower that can easily adjust its direction as the winds blow.

To understand the energy of the Sheep Year, it’s useful to know that the Hour of the Sheep is from 1-3 PM. At this point in the day, the ground has absorbed lots of heat so the peaceful Sheep also contains some Fire. We call this “Yin Fire”. As the last Fire sibling of Snake & Horse (the 2016 Year of the Monkey begins the Metal cycle), 2015 is a turning point year.

Sheep’s month is July. This is the time when your tree (Wood) begins to bear fruit. If you have been hard at work growing something under the sunny Fire energy of the last 2 years, this is the year when you will see the fruits of your labors. Metaphoric mangos, coconuts, and money are falling from the trees! Enjoy!

In addition to Yin Fire and Yin Wood, Sheep contains Yin Earth in the Chinese philosophy of the 5 Elements. The Earth energy is strong as the month of July is supported by summer Fire (Fire creates Earth). In Chinese medicine, Earth element involves the spleen, stomach and pancreas, related to cells and muscles. Such strong Earth might also upset the balance in those organs. Diabetes will be in the news as well as pancreatic cancer. Be aware that the negative emotions associated with this organ system are worry, anxiety, and stress. Watch carbohydrate intake and make stress management as natural as brushing your teeth.

During the Earth months of July, October and January, (months of Goat, Dog and Ox), Earth is exacerbated. This might prove difficult for people with these animals present in their Chinese astrology chart. These are also the months when there is greater possibility of earthquakes, landslides, avalanches, building collapses, etc.

Fire-driven optimism will affect economic growth and Fire businesses – energy, air travel, sports, exercise & health, fashion, beauty, advertising, the media, entertainment of all kinds, and restaurants will continue to do well in this last year of the Fire cycle. Prosperity will also come to Wood & Metal industries – textiles, recycling, scrap metal, paper, publishing, hi tech, banking, and engineering. Earth industries will not do so well (construction, real estate, agriculture).

The Sheep is a “Nobleman” (protective angel who comes to help us & smooth our way) for those born in years of Yang Wood, Yang Metal, or Yang Earth. This means any birth year ending in 0, 4, or 8 (1950, 1960, etc., 1954, 1964, etc., 1958, 68, etc.).

As a farm animal, Sheep doesn’t do much but look for a tasty blade of grass, laze around in the heat of the day, and have her fleece trimmed occasionally. So you can see, a Sheep has no real worries. The Ox is the animal that actually does the farm work and consequently, Ox doesn’t much like Sheep. This is a strong clash between two earth energies. If you’re an Ox or have Ox in your 4 Pillars chart, this is a difficult year for you. President Obama, take note!

Child with Sheep, the Sacred Valley, Peru

Child with Sheep, Sacred Valley, Peru, 2006 ©Sharon Smith


This is a year to come down from our high horses and smell the roses. When faced with conflict, think of what’s best for all beings involved, especially the earth. We will all be better for it.


Predictions by Animal Sign are here


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